You want to take part in a beautiful human and cultural adventure ? You're ready to contribute to its development ?
Sign in and fill the following form in to volunteer to the 23rd edition of Voies Off Festival in Arles, which will take place from July 2 to 7, 2018.

Present in multiple sites in the heart of the city, the festival's goal is to promote international emerging photography. Portfolios readings, workshops, projections nights, DJs and dancing evenings or even exhibitions across town, Voies Off festival's events are diversified.

We are recruiting volunteers to help us organize this famous festival, which attracts nearly 12.000 visitors during the opening week each year. We expect the volunteers to be present and available in Arles from July 1 to 8. Every year, nearly 50 volunteers give some of their time to help developing the Festival. Meals are provided all the week long. There are different types of missions, each volunteer will be given 1 to 2 missions.

Only people above 18 y/o can volunteer.
It is necessary to speak either FRENCH or ENGLISH (if you're bilingual, it's even better !).

By volunteering, you adhere to the Voies Off association and you commit to respect both the charter and the convention recommendations.

A friendly atmosphere is indeed guaranteed but don't forget ; the festival lives thanks to all of you so we really need you to be responsible on every mission. Of course you will have some free time but please be aware that we count on you when we give you missions.

About accommodation, we can provide some help to find a place but we prefer volunteers who can find one by themselves :)

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