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Redemption Church places a high value on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Every weekend people gather because of the Gospel to offer sincere worship and listen to Biblical teaching. We believe the Gospel unites a crowd of Christ followers to come together for that specific purpose. When the Gospel is accepted by a Christ follower, their life is never the same again.
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Transparent Lives
When people are changed by the Gospel, they realize that they are seen as righteous before God. That means they have nothing to prove to other people. Transparent lives are a byproduct of a converted life that is meant to be shared and connected in community. This is why Redemption encourages all people to be involved in community groups where everyone can experience true community. In Matthew 28:19-­20 Jesus said, “​G​o and make disciples of all peoples...baptize them...teach them...”​ T​he Church is the context ordained by God for disciples to be made, and it is within the context of community groups that this takes place.
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Sacrificial Generosity
Generosity is another by-­product of a transformed life. We are to give our time, talents, and treasure to God. This is demonstrated by serving God personally, corporately (in church), and giving. We hope people will be involved by:

● Finding your place of service at Redemption
● Giving financially to the needs at the church through offerings and through community with one another
● Giving to those outside the church in need

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18­-20) says to “make disciples of all nations.” We believe that this happens best in the context of the local church. In the New Testament, disciples would be made, leaders would be developed, and new churches would be birthed as a result. This is the long-­term vision at Redemption Church, and we want to see God move among our area for His glory. We expect all of our members to live missionary lives that exemplify the Great Commission. This looks like:

● Praying for neighbors who do not yet know Jesus
● Looking for opportunities to share Christ with others
● Pouring themselves into other Christians
● Praying about their role in starting new churches

My Commitment
Knowing that God has called His people to encourage one another in the journey of faith, I agree to join with the other members of Redemption Church in glorifying Jesus Christ through the church. I desire to be spurred on in my own faith and to encourage the faith of others in the following areas:

• I will be committed to the regular gatherings of Christ ­Followers at Redemption Church. (Hebrews 12:28­29)

• I will actively give myself to study God’​s​word and to evidence my faith by becoming more like Christ in all things. (2 Cor. 3:18)
• I will work to develop vital connections between myself and other members of Redemption Church. (1 Cor. 12:12)
• I will be vitally involved in mentoring and discipleship relationships in small group contexts. (Heb. 10:24­25)

• I will follow Christ by serving others, using the time, talents and financial resources that He gives me. (Mark 10:43­45; Eph. 4:11­13)

• I will pray for Jesus to transform my community and state with the power of the Gospel. (Matthew 28:18­20)
• I will seek opportunities to make much of Jesus and the Gospel by demonstrating and verbally sharing that message as often as I can.
• I will pray for my role in starting new churches

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