Studio 52 Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in classes at Studio 52.

The Dave Hart Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Studio 52's friend, artist, and educator Dave Hart. Dave believed that all students, no matter their background or resources, benefit from participating in theatre.

Please fill out the following application carefully.

All information provided herein is strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of the Scholarship Committee.
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WRITTEN STATEMENT: Each student must submit a paragraph-long statement outlining the significance of the scholarship award. Please include why the program would be meaningful or helpful to the student's development, what they hope to achieve through participation, as well as anything else the Scholarship Committee should know. (If a student is too young to write, please have a Parent/Guardian dictate their statement and add additional thoughts and comments.) *
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Scholarship recipients will be notified via email of their full or partial awards a few weeks before classes begin. Scholarship recipients must agree to attend all scheduled programming, display exemplary behavior in class, complete any partial tuition payments, and write a thank you note/reflection letter after the program is complete. Failure to follow these terms may jeopardize current enrollment and future scholarship opportunities. *
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