10 Months to 10% Donation Recording
This form should be used for all donations made under the 10 Months to 10% umbrella. Your responses will be visible to only me and will only be used to calculate monthly and end-of-year totals — no personally-identifying information will be shared unless you choose otherwise.
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Which organization did you donate to?
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Was this a recurring or one-time donation?
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How much was your donation?
If recurring, just list the monthly amount (I'll assume you'll be continuing the donation through the end of 2020). If one-time, list the total amount.
Would you like to be shouted out in the next 10 Months to 10% blog post and/or social media?
Note that the more names and donations we can show, the more we can convince those on the fence to join the project, especially if they happen to know you!
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