2019 Comics Camp Application
Alaska Robotics Comics Camp | April 25thish - April 30th, 2019


Have you attended in the past? You have the option of filling out the short form!
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Yay! Camp!

A lot of our best experiences at comic conventions have been around the edges, playing board games, making friends over meals and just hiding out and drawing in a sketchbook. This comics camp is an attempt to capture those moments as we retreat from the tables and booths of convention land into a more casual and purposeful environment.

We rented a campground in the middle of the beautiful southeast Alaska rainforest and we're filling two days and three nights with a loosely scheduled series of workshops and conversations along with plenty of time for hanging out and tromping around in the woods.

The campground is a nice balance of rustic and civilized. We'll be tucked away in the trees but still have access to flushing toilets, hot water for showers and even a camp cook. Cell phone service is spotty at best but there is a land line and electricity.

The main focus of the camp is on peer-to-peer presentations and workshops for visual artists and storytellers. In the past, we've had people present works in progress, we've had frank discussions about publishing and even waded into the deep waters of politics, money and self care. We try to keep it fairly casual and woodsy.

We have board games, art supplies, music, campfires and a shared library of comic books that you're welcome to contribute to. We're out in the forest so the expectation is that everyone will pitch in a bit to help make things go smoothly. That might mean chopping wood or jumping in and doing the dishes. It's not a heavy lift if we all contribute a little bit.

We have a heavy emphasis on comics and visual storytelling but this camp is just as much about creative exploration and expression. We think it's an environment where any working (or aspiring) artist could have quite a bit to take away from the experience.

The camp fee is $650 but we are able to provide substantial fee waivers to those who need a help covering costs.

The fee includes lodging for three nights plus food & drink at the campground. We also provide a bus from downtown Juneau to the campground and if you would like to exhibit at the convention, you will have a half-table available for your use.

Applications are due December 15th, 2018

Space is limited and we do get quite a few applications. It's always a difficult decision-making process on this end. What we look for most in applicants is a good mix of skills, experiences, and perspectives. We like to host people with a sense of adventure, a willingness to participate and enthusiasms to share.

Filling out this form doesn't commit you to anything. We'll be in touch after all the applications are reviewed to sort out the details.

Thank you,
Pat Race & Aaron Suring
Alaska Robotics

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Please share links to three things you've made along with short descriptions. If you prefer to mail work samples, please contact aaron@alaskarobotics.com
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Alaska Robotics Mini-Con
We're hosting a one-day comic convention prior to the comics camp. This will be a space for artists to share and exhibit their work with the community of Juneau. It will be similar to other conventions, just on a much much smaller scale.
Would you like to exhibit at the convention? *
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Camp Skills
We hope everyone can contribute to this experience in some small way.

Maybe you can play campfire songs or want to teach a class on story structure? Maybe you love doing dishes or know everything there is to know about the majestic Sitka Spruce?

Please let us know what skills you have to share that might contribute to the overall experience of the camp in a functional way or by expanding knowledge, encouraging curiosity or making people smile.

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Food & Diet
Please let us know about any dietary restrictions or preferences. We lean towards a menu with a lot of vegetarian options and also try to incorporate local meats like wild Alaskan salmon and googly eyed halibut.
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Health & Safety *
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Campground & Lodging
This is a campground, not a resort. There will be trees and plants and mischievous squirrels. There is hot water and we do have showers and the toilets even flush, but they're all part of an outbuilding and not attached to the cabins where you will sleep.

Most camp attendees will be staying in group bunk cabins. If you require special assistance or a more private space it may be possible to stay at a hotel and drive to the campground each day.

Camp Tour
Our first tour of the campground prior to the Comics Camp in 2016.
How do you feel about staying at a camp facility? *
Do you have a sleeping bag? *
Do you have adequate outdoor clothes? *
It could rain. A lot. Temperatures could be anywhere in the 25°F to 70°F range. That's -3°C to 21°C.
What kind of bunkmates would you prefer? *
Early Bird or Night Owl?
Just a Few More Questions...
Tourist Time
We've had a lot of requests for additional tourist activities but it's hard to fit them in during camp. If you're interested in sticking around Juneau an additional day or two and want to connect on a group tour adventure, let us know what seems interesting. No commitment here, just informal polling to see if there's an interest. We can probably arrange a group discount of some sort and this will help us gauge interest.
Financial Aid
The camp fee is $650 but we will have some financial aid available.
Anything else we should know? What did we forget to ask?
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Alaska Robotics works hard to nurture a fun, safe and supportive environment where people can thrive and share the best in themselves with one another. We believe in inclusion and value a variety of perspectives.

The irony of inclusion is that it requires a degree of exclusion. We ask that you not bring racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or other toxic perspectives into our space. We will not tolerate harassment of our guests and you may be asked to leave.

We event organizers recognize that we carry our own privileges and will work to keep them in mind so we can be good hosts who curate a rewarding, invigorating experience for all involved.

Thank you to Comics Camp alum Christina Tran for helping us learn more about Inclusion: http://sodelightful.com/comics/inclusion/

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