2017 Performance Registration
Thank you for your interest in our 2018 International Saskatchewan Salsa and Bachata Congress.
Please see our Dancer Registration Policies, Fees, and Code of Conduct here:

All Performer Pass attendees are expected to comply with the International Saskatchewan Salsa and Bachata Congress's Code of Conduct. The Artistic Director is responsible to ensure that all representatives of the dance company (performers, instructors, support staff, etc.) are aware of and abide by this Code of Conduct.

All performers must register online and make performers pass Payment online using PayPal or by cheque.
The deadline to register is April 14, 2018 - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dancers will not be scheduled to perform at the festival until full payment has been received.

Once you register, your director will be contacted by the registration coordinator to confirm your participation with the dance company you have entered.

Registered performers receive a Dance Team Performer pass, which allows full access to all International Saskatchewan Salsa and Bachata Congress events, including all Showcases, Parties and Workshops. Individuals MUST perform in a dance routine at the Festival to be eligible for a Dance Team Performer pass. Each dance company will receive two complimentary Dance Team Performer pass for the company's Artistic Director.

Showcase and Performance Scheduling:
This year we are going to have all performers showcase their dance routines on Saturday June 2nd. We will be having two showcases that day. Performer must be available to perform in either the afternoon or evening showcase Saturday June 2nd, 2018. Thank you directors and dancers.
Important notes on performances: Video Required
Your team will not be scheduled to perform until the organizers have received a video of the actual dance you plan to perform.
We suggest you prepare to submit this video as soon as possible, so that your team will have time to adjust if the Festival organizers have any feedback about your planned performance. Your video will not be shown to the public or to anyone else for any reason, so a practice video is fine.
Music submission and Performance
All performers and competitors must email their songs by May 12, 2018. When you submit your music in advance it helps us a great deal in organizing and running our event smoothly. Email music to info@danzamorena.com. Thank you in advance.


1 - Name of Company first and then your team name for showcases.- See example below.
2 - For the Qualifier Name of Competitor first and then division - See example below.

For showcases:
Example: Etown Salsa Co - Ladies Team.

For WLDC Qualifier.
Example: Etown Salsa - Bachata Team Pro Non Cabaret

Time limit for performances:
Solo/Couple: 2 minutes
Teams: 3 minutes

As a back up please bring copy of your music in a "thumb drive" (aka memory stick).

Ipods, Ipads, phones or computers with music will not be accepted.

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