Crafty School Projects
This survey is designed for current, former and future parents of middle school aged children.
1. Are your children asked to make crafty type projects as homework? Examples: Dioramas, models, miniatures, reproductions of artifacts, art work. *
2. How difficult/tough or time consuming are the projects?
(If you answered E. for Question 1, you're welcome to continue but it may not be very relevant to you.)
3. How much help do you give your kids with the actual making?
4. As an adult, how "crafty" do you consider yourself to be?
5. How do you feel when you hear about yet another project assignment?
Check any/all that apply.
6. What are your biggest issues with these projects?
Check any/all that apply
7. If you need advice or ideas for these miniatures, dioramas, models and other items, where do you find it?
Check any/all that apply
8. If there were a product that included step-by-step how-to instructions for specific projects in different grades and subjects, with materials lists, different variations, information about the subject, and crafting techniques and tips, available right there in the crafts store, would that be something you would purchase?
9. Would you prefer an E-Book for download on to your tablet reader or computer?
10. What grade/s are your kid's in? Comments, questions, school project successes or horror stories?
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