Wet Bisous Bag Blueprint Form
Please fill out the form as detailed as you can. Please include as much information as possible to get you the best choices options on how you envision your holster bag! The form will adapt to your selections as well, so have some fun!
There is NO obligation to buy anything to fill out this form. However, if you do choose Pay Now - Design Later by first paying for the base prices of the holster, you will get some cool perks!
LINK to Pay Now - Design Later: https://wetbisous.com/shop?olsPage=t%2Fholsters

This form covers any holster bag we currently offer:
**Classic Double Shoulder Holster:** .
$175, $165 Pay Now-Design Later
**Western Double Holster - includes one color embroidery in front of each bag::** .
$215, $200 Pay Now-Design Later
**Classic Hip (conv. to cross shoulder) Holster:** .
$155, $145 Now-Design Later
**Western Hip (conv. to cross shoulder) Holster- includes a simple embroidery in front:** .
$185, $170 Pay Now-Design Later
**Classic Demi-Bag Single Shoulder bag :** .
$120, $110 Pay Now-Design Later
**Western Demi-Bag Single Shoulder bag-includes a simple embroidery in front::** .
$140, $130 Pay Now-Design Later
**Ruff Sac Gear Pack::** .
$115, $105 Pay Now-Design Later

Enjoy and have fun designing!

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