HFPA and Pulse Point Student Register
Please register for the upcoming course/s.

Please submit a response for each student and double check you have selected the correct date/s.

The email address entered at "Email address" will be able to edit this submission and will receive a copy of the submission. (If you are registering yourself then you would enter your email at "email address" and "student email address")

The details are sent to both HFPA and Pulse Point.


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Name of the person submitting the details if not the student
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Student preferred first name
(As it will appear on the nametag)
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Student ID Number, Passport number or Date of birth *
For Date of Birth please write out the full date. E.g. 12 January 1990. If your ID number starts with a 0 then please put a ' before the ID number. E.g. '0003065553084
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Student cellphone number *
In case we need to urgently contact you
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Student email address *
Personal email address is preferable for online/blended training as the student doesn't always have access to their work email. If they do not have an email address and are doing a traditional course just write "none".
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