Hedgeview Farm Organic Garlic 2020
Thank you for choosing our quality, locally grown garlic!

Our ordering options and pricing for the 2020 season are below.

To view the details on each type, please visit https://hedgeviewfarmca.wordpress.com/garlic/

Garlic is available from mid August until sold out.

Garlic suitable for seed/culinary purposes.

Payment due at pick up/delivery.

Storage information for garlic is available on our website: https://hedgeviewfarmca.wordpress.com/garlic/

If we run short on a variety, we will contact you for a substitute. If you have preferences on a substitute, you can indicate that at the end of the form.

BULB SIZE: min. JUMBO (2" diameter)
$3/ BULB

SMALL - $25 Braid - single variety - contains 7-10 bulbs (1.88" - 2.5")
MEDIUM - $35 Braid - single variety - contains 10-13 bulbs (1.88" - 2.5")
LARGE - $45 Braid - single variety - contains 13-16 bulbs (1.88" - 2.5")

(A = Artichoke, P = Porcelain, R = Rocambole)
Transylvania (A)
Susan Delafield (P)
Great Northern (P)
Spanish Roja (R)
Marino (R)
Russian Red (R)
Korean Purple (R)
Italian Purple (R)
French Rocambole (R)
Full Name:
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
For GARLIC BY THE BULB, please indicate the variety or varieties you would like along with the number of bulbs for each. Example: Italian Purple (20), Russian Red (10), etc.
For BRAIDS, please indicate the variety or varieties you would like along with the size. Example 1 Small Quebec, 2 Medium Transylvania, etc.
Where would you like to pick up your garlic?
Clear selection
We will contact you when your garlic is ready for pick up/delivery. Garlic will be ready mid-August through to mid-September. Please leave any comments or special instructions here. Thank you!!
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