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Thank you for considering volunteering at ACRES as a Wildlife Rescue Volunteer.

Please read the below carefully to understand more about the Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Programme at ACRES.

Our 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline receives over 1,400 calls every month where we respond to wild animal sightings or animals in distress in Singapore. A Wildlife Rescue Volunteer’s role is to educate and empower the public and assess each situation to achieve the best possible outcome for the animal. As a Wildlife Rescue Volunteer, you will be involved in a range of work which may include handling calls to the hotline, providing advice and answering questions from callers, documenting information, updating call logs, attending to wildlife rescue calls anywhere in Singapore and handling, containing and/or releasing wild animals in accordance with ACRES's protocols. If you have a driving license, you may also be inducted to drive ACRES's rescue van (manual).

1. Please note that this form is to register your interest as a Wildlife Rescue Volunteer.

2. The minimum age for volunteering as a Wildlife Rescue Volunteer is 21 years old.

3. All volunteers are required to be proficient in English (written and spoken).

4. You are required to undertake a mandatory training programme (theory and practical) before you are permitted to volunteer as an ACRES Wildlife Rescue Volunteer.

5. Upon receipt of your sign-up form, we will notify you of the next available training date for the theory training programme. To confirm your attendance, please make an online payment of SGD50 via the link below: https://acres.org.sg/product/wildlife-rescue-training-programme/. Once payment has been made, please print-screen the transaction and send it to us at [gowry@acres.org.sg] with your name and contact number for verification.

6. Following the theory training programme, you will be attached to two experienced Wildlife Rescue Volunteers/Officers who will orient you in the role and responsibilities of a Wildlife Rescue Volunteer. The practical training programme may take 3-10 shifts depending on cases/situation. ACRES will assess and determine in its sole discretion your suitability to become a fully-fledged Wildlife Rescue Volunteer.

7. All Wildlife Rescue Volunteers are required to have the following vaccinations: Rabies, Tetanus and Influenza. For certain wildlife rescue work, Japanese Encephalitis vaccination is also required.

8. You will be required to sign a separate waiver, release and indemnity agreement prior to volunteering with ACRES.

9. Our volunteer call-outs (via email) are sent every 20th of the month for volunteers to reserve available slots for the following month. For example, call-outs sent on 20 June is to reserve volunteer slots for the month of July. Volunteer slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

10. There are two (2) shifts available:
• Day Shift: 9:30am - 5.00pm (Max: 2 volunteers required)
• Night Shift: 5.00pm - 9:30am (next day) (Max: 2 volunteers required)

Overnight shifts are at ACRES and accommodation on-site is provided (bed and shower facilities) while you are on duty (dorm-style room for male and female volunteers).

11. Please be aware that there are three rescued mongrels at our premises who do not readily warm up to new people. Regardless of how cute they look and how experienced you are with dogs, please DO NOT touch or feed them. Refrain from running, screaming or approaching the dogs.

12. Only vegetarian/vegan food is allowed to be consumed when you are on duty or using ACRES vehicle (whether in or out of ACRES's premises). This means no meat or seafood.

13. All volunteers are required to adhere to ACRES rules, regulations and code of ethics at all times. Volunteers are also required to adhere to any COVID-19 guidelines, including safe-distancing measures, temperature check and SafeEntry check-in.

I have read and understood the above information.

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