Will obtaining a driver's license increase an individual's confidence and sense of responsibility?
DISCLAIMER: I am a year 12 student at Canley Vale High School studying Community and Family Studies and I have created a survey on driving. The purpose of this survey/questionnaire is for the individual research project for Community and Family studies. This questionnaire will focus on driving and how it may increase confidence and responsibility, if you the participant feel uncomfortable or offended with this questionnaire you may withdraw and stop answering. All responses will be kept anonymous and private. Please answer these questions truthfully and honestly, thank you for your participation.
What is your gender?
What is your age?
What driver's license do you currently carry?
Are you aware of the rules and restrictions regarding your license? eg Learner's are not allowed to go over 90km/hr
How suitable do you think the restrictions for your license are? eg, do you think the speed limit for P1 license should be reduced?
Not suitable at all
extremely suitable
How long have you had your license for?
How effective do you think the punishment for illegal driving is?
Not effective
Very effective
Do you think it is essential to obtain a driver's license? why or why not
Your answer
Do you have any other license apart from a car license?
How confident are you behind the wheel?
Extremely confident
By obtaining a driver's license do you think it can increase an individual's confidence? why or why not?
Your answer
Do you also think it increases an individual's sense of responsibility? why or why not?
Your answer
What do you think contributes to road crashes/accidents?
Your answer
Do you drive more cautiously with passengers than you would on your own?
Have you ever felt intimidated or pressured by other driver's on the road?
If yes, what happened?
Your answer
Finally, how would you rate your driving skills?
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