Kariton Art Gallery - Women in Art 2019 Application
The Kariton Gallery is celebrating Women’s International Month March 2019 with a Women In Art Show

If you are a woman and you make art we want you!

You choose the medium
You choose your subject
Maximum size 12” x 24”

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Submit up to 8 images of artwork must be submitted. Label images: (first initial)_(lastname)_(title)_(size)_(price) *
• All submissions must include a cover letter. Please email to gallerycoordinator@abbotsfordartscouncil.com.

• Groups are encouraged to submit a proposal outlining the concept behind the show.

• The show must be comprised of at least 70% work that has not been shown in Abbotsford in the 12 months prior to the exhibition date.

Approved artists will be required to send items listed under the UPON ACCEPTANCE section 5 WEEKS prior to exhibition date.

Approved artists will be required to submit the following:

• Artwork is to be submitted as scheduled with gallery coordinator.

• Inventory sheet to include:
 Name of artist
 Title of each piece
 Size of each piece
 Medium of each piece
 Price of each piece

• A digital headshot of the artist or group of artists in .jpg format (300 DPI or higher) for press purposes.

Hanging Requirements
D-rings must be installed on the back of all canvases, wood panels, and frames.
The Kariton Gallery reserves the right to refuse installation if the required hardware is not properly attached.
I confirm that this application does not include: kit crafts, items purchased and assembled, imported crafts, or items crafted by someone other than the applicant. *
I understand that by submitting this form I give the Abbotsford Arts Council permission to use information for office and promotional purposes. *
I agree that 70% of the submitted art has not been shown in Abbotsford in the 12 months prior to exhibition date. *
I understand if accepted I will need to pruchase an AAC membership for a cost of $25. *
If accepted i would prefer to volunteer my time in the form of a demo/workshop or gallery attending. *
I understand that the gallery will receive a 30% commission of the artwork sold *
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