Geneseo Legacy Form 2023
Before starting this form, please be prepared with the following:

1) Full names and class years of all legacy connections. If you do not know the exact class year, please enter your best guess or range. Remember to include full names, including former/student names, and we should be able to find alumni records to confirm class years.

2) A statement of what your family's legacy connection(s) means to you (asked at the end of the form after you've entered all legacy family member information).

3) This form should be completed from the prospective of the youngest alum or current student.
It would be helpful if subsequent legacy connections are listed from youngest to oldest.
    For example:
       1st Legacy Connection = Current Student's Name - Class of 2027
       2nd Legacy Connection = Cousin's Name - Class of 2021 - Cousin
       3rd Legacy Connection = Mother's Name - Class of 1995 - Mother
       4th Legacy Connection = Aunt/Uncle's Name - Class of 1991 - Aunt
       5th Legacy Connection = Grandparent's Name - Class of 1973 - Grandfather

4) Photos are not required, but we would like at least one picture of your primary legacy connections. Ideally, we would prefer the picture be of the student and alum during their time at SUNY Geneseo, but any photo is appreciated.

If you have an alumni couple legacy connection (parents, grandparents, aunt & uncle) be sure to enter each individual separately. If your legacy connections seem vast or complicated, we'll be sure to follow-up with you.

It's possible that multiple parties of a legacy connection will complete this form (both mother and child may submit a form). This is great and will only make your legacy feature that much more meaningful.

The deadline to complete the form is 9/1/23.
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Your Name: *
Please complete this section with information about you. We require this information about the person completing this form in case the Alumni Relations staff has any follow-up questions.
Your email address: *
We'll use this email address to contact you with any questions about your family's legacy connections.
Legacy Connection Sample Entry:
1) Makenna Gagnier - Class of 2027
2) Tracy Young Gagnier - Class of 1993 - Mother
3) Mike Gagnier - Class of 1991 - Uncle
4) George Gagnier Jr. - Class of 1988 - Father
5) Janet A. Young - Class of 1944 - Great Great Aunt
Remember to follow the example above.
Prompts to help you answer the question: what does your family's Geneseo legacy mean to you/your family?
  • Did a relative/legacy connection encourage you to attend Geneseo (or did you encourage them)?
  • Do you think that you and your legacy connection(s) share(d) the same reasons for selecting Geneseo?
  • Is attending SUNY Geneseo a family tradition
  • Do legacy family members share other Geneseo connections (major/career, residence hall, student organization, alumni involvement, etc).
  • Feel free to also highlight extra-special legacy connections. For example, these special connections are often found in parent/child relationships and between cousins/siblings who attend SUNY Geneseo around the same time. Your response may be featured on the Legacy website.
What does your family's Geneseo legacy mean to you/your family? *
Would you be willing to submit Legacy family photos? *
This can include individual photos of each/some legacy family member(s) (current or as Geneseo students) or photos featuring both/multiple legacy connections together. Please email your photos to Tracy Gagnier at Photos must be submitted by 9/1/23. The following photo formats are accepted: jpeg, png or pdf.
We will host a Legacy Family Celebration Station during first-year student move-in on Tuesday, August 22 from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. in the College Union Lobby.
Students can pick up their Legacy Pin and we'll take a picture of your family for the Legacy website. Are you interested and to attend?
Thank you for submitting your family's legacy information. If you want to reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations directly, contact information is below:
Attn: Tracy Gagnier '93, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
SUNY Geneseo's Office of Alumni Relations
Campus House - 1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Phone: 585-245-5154
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