SFWorks Employer Partner Interest Form
Interested in hiring teens at your business? Please read & complete this short form to learn more about cultivating a successful SFWorks youth employment workplace.
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Employing youth who are under 18 requires a Youth Employment Permit as well as labor laws limiting hours and duties. Are you familiar with these rules? (https://www.labor.nc.gov/workplace-rights/youth-employment-rules/apply-youth-employment-certificate)? *
Do the youth employment rules (limited duties and hours) fit at your business? *
Can youth under 16 (14-15) be employed at your business? *
What roles/positions would be best for high school youth employment at your business? *
SFF provides transportation to/from work shifts. We ask partners to provide youth with regular, weekly work shifts/schedules. This helps us facilitate getting many youth to work on time each week. Would this work for your business? *
Does your business have an ABC permit?  *
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