A Survey about UCC Property & Programming

The EDGE Property Team is working to develop a database and resource around property attributes and programming across The United Church of Canada. This information will help stakeholders at all levels of the church make more strategic and informed decisions around property and mission for new and vital ministry going forward. It will help us to work together, learn more about our key assets and guide us in developing ideas around sustainability, renewal and connectivity within our local neighbourhoods.

This survey is an early step in what we hope will be an ongoing conversation with your faith community around property and real estate issues. To learn more about the EDGE property team, please visit our website at: www.edge-ucc.ca/property

Please confirm your email address with us below and thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

If your faith community owns more than one property, we kindly request that you fill out one of these surveys per site.

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What is the name of your faith community? *
I.e. Knox United Church, Green Lake Camp, Rose Street Mission etc.
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What is the site's full address? *
Street No., Street Name, City/Town, Province, Postal Code
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What is the approximate total land area (including buildings) of the property? *
Please indicate the total land area in square feet, without commas (one acre is 43,560 square feet)
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What is the approximate floor area of the main building? *
Please indicate the building area in square feet, without commas
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Are there any other additional 'accessory' buildings on the property? *
(e.g. a residence, education centre, workshop, etc.)
Do any of your buildings have historical significance? *
This might mean that the local municipality has 'listed' or 'designated' the building as having historical value
How would you describe the physical condition of your building(s)? *
Does your faith community own a cemetery? *
What sorts of programming activities and partnerships are currently in place?
Please select all that apply
Part of faith community's ministry
Not part of faith community's ministry
Both apply
Childcare & parenting
Physical wellbeing and exercise
Social clubs
Arts, culture & crafts
Peer support & counselling
Advocacy groups
Education & training
Community food related
Anti-poverty & homelesses
Heritage & history
Other spiritual goups or denominations
How often is the main building utilized for programming over the course of a typical week? *
How many groups/ programs operate out of your space within a typical week? *
How would you describe your faith community’s willingness or interest to participate in investigative property work to consider the role of real estate in the future of your ministry? *
Not interested
Very interested
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