News Contributor Application
Hey, we're glad you're here. We would love your help in creating a more open-minded and informed society.

Role Description:
You’ll be working closely with the Impact team to make sure our community is updated with the latest news or social issues that matters, whether that be about Trump's recent scandal or a pressing world issue. This is an opportunity for you to use your voice to share stories that need more attention.

What we need from you:
💙 you are passionate about making an impact, especially when it comes to social issues.
📄 you keep up with the latest news stories and care about them.
🖥 you understand which issues are the most relevant at this moment.
✏️ you get your news from reputable sources and can differentiate fake news between real news.
👥 you have a flexible schedule, and can write quickly stories as they arise
⏱ you have 10 free hours each week to work with us.

Applications are due November 22nd, 2020. Position length is 2 months. Role is unpaid.
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