Parent/Guardian Survey
The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is recognized as one of six regional associations that accredit public and private schools, colleges and universities in the United States. This commission validates the curricular, instructional, and support programs for California schools. In order for DPHS student transcripts to be accepted by other schools and universities, DPHS must be accredited by WASC. This survey will help us with our WASC self-study report. We appreciate your contribution and time with this report by taking this survey
What grade is your child currently in? *
How large of a role does the school play in the community? *
How high are the expectations for students at this school? *
How confident are you that all DPHS students have access to a rigorous, relevant and standards-based curriculum *
How satisfied are you that students of diverse backgrounds and abilities are given equal access to educational opportunities at DPHS *
How well does this school communicate information about programs, opportunities and school progress? *
How caring are the teachers at this school? *
How well does the selection of extracurricular activities at this school meet the needs of your student? *
How safe does your child feel at this school? *
Overall, how satisfied are you with the quality of instruction at this school? *
How confident are you that teachers using a variety of assessments (projects, assignments, quizzes, etc.) to determine the level of student learning *
How well does this school consider the individual needs of students? *
How regularly does your child get the help he/she needs from teachers and staff at this school? *
Overall, how satisfied are you with the college and career counseling provided by the school? *
How much input do you have in your child's education and school learning environment? *
How often do you use Aries to check your child's progress at this school? *
How often do you use the school's website to communicate with the staff at this school? *
How comfortable do you feel talking to teachers at this school about problems your child is having? *
How useful is the information this school gives you about the academic growth of your child?
Please feel free to comment on your experiences as a DPHS parent.
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