CenTex Chargers Homeschool Sports Association New Program Form
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New Program Name/Sport *
What facilities are you considering using for this program, if any? Or what types of practice and game facilities are needed? *
What is the duration of this program (i.e. a couple months, a semester, both semesters, year-round) and what time of the year will the program begin and end? *
What would a weekly schedule look like for this program? (practices, games, meets, matches, etc.) *
Right now, all Chargers sports are geared towards ages 11-18 by September 1 of the current year (June 1 - May 31). What ages were you hoping to serve with this program and is this for boys, girls, or both? *
What is the minimum number of athletes/participants you think would be needed for the program to start? *
What is the maximum number of athletes/participants you think we would be able to accommodate considering any roster limitations that some sports have? *
The Chargers mascot is a knight on a charging horse and our colors are Red and White with Black as an accent color. Here is a picture of our approved logo: *
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What experience, certifications, and/or education do you have with this sport, if any? *
As a new program, the funds generated to operate this program will need to be outlined in a projected budget. This will include income generated from registration fees, fundraisers, sponsors/donations, and gate fees (ticket sales). Do you have any experience working with a program budget? *
What would the registration fee for this program need to cover? Consider uniforms (game and practice, if applicable), practice location rentals, game location rentals, referees for home games, tournament fees, equipment, safety supplies, and incidental supplies. *
What additional items and costs will the families need to provide in order to participate? *
All Chargers adult coaching staff are required to take Youth Protection Training. They should also participate in a Chargers Coaching training as well as any additional sport specific training.  Additionally, our team insurance coverage requires a video for youth coach training.  Are there any specific certifications, training aids or courses the coaching staff will need to have and/or take and, if so, what would that be? *
Any adults for the coaching staff will need to fill out a coaching application and be submitted to the Chargers board for approval. Currently, are there any adults that are under consideration for this program? *
After submitting the new program form, you will be contacted by the Athletic Director and/or the Chargers Administrator for steps moving forward. This will include presenting the program to the Chargers Athletic Council (board) for program approval. The Athletic Director will be able to assist with mediating any issues that may arise within the program and provide program guidance. The Chargers Administrator will be able to assist with any operating details of this program and provide organizational guidance. What questions or other information do you have to share regarding this program?  *
All Chargers programs are required to abide by the "Participation Guidelines" found on our website at  About Us (centexchargers.com) Please read through these guidelines prior to submitting your form.  *
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