Twitch ANZ Grass Roots Application Round 8
Here in ANZ, we know how hard it can be to really get your channel going, especially with the internet speeds on offer in most of the area.

So here's the run down, we want to find some of the best new talent coming from Australia and New Zealand and to do that, we want to give you a leg up.

The grass roots program is for non-partners only, and if you are selected, you will receive the following:

2 weeks as the "Twitch ANZ grass roots broadcaster"
Rotation on the AU frontpage of Twitch during this time.
Social posts from the @Twitch_ANZ Twitter account
Transcodes, so you don't have to make the hard decision if you're able to stream at a high quality.

Applications are now open until the 19th July 2019

If you are signing up, make sure you or the person you are nominating turns on video archiving.

We will select the next 10 broadcasters from this round of applications, however we only release 5 at a time.

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