Parent Back to School Survey

I hope all of you are safe and doing well as we work through and find the best way to get our kids back to school and keep them safe. We want to share with each of you the latest information that we have to keep you informed as to what school might look like this fall. Please understand that the planning and decisions we make today can change as so much has changed these past several months. With that said, we are asking that you take a couple minutes to fill out our survey so we have a better understanding of where your comfortability is with your child returning to school.

General Plan

In the fall we are pursuing three different options to start school if possible.

Option 1: All students 4k through 12 would be in the building every day. There would be a virtual plan for any parent who would not want their student(s) in the building in the fall. Sanitary measures and physical distancing will be followed to the extent practical.

Option 2: Start school with a “hybrid plan” where some students will be on campus everyday of the week and some students limited days of the week. We have the ability to have all of our elementary students on campus every day of the week and keep them socially distanced within the classroom. Our Middle School Students will be on campus three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and our High School students two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Students will have class everyday which is to say when they are not on campus they will be learning virtually through distance learning. There will be circumstances where students will be on campus more often depending on individual needs such as students with disabilities or students with special needs. There would be a virtual plan for any parent who would not want their student(s) in the building in the fall.

Option 3: Start school 100% through distance learning.


We are and will continue to take every precaution we can to ensure our school is sanitary and clean. We will have all the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in place when school begins and our Nursing station will be prepared and ready for any illness that occurs in the future.


With the student population that rides the bus to school, we have calculated that having students who are siblings sitting together and sharing seats on the bus will allow us to physically distance our students enough to where we can run a “normal bus schedule” and get all of our students to school that are attending school on each particular day. Our bus drivers will pick up all of our rural students and drop them off at school, then go and pick up our in-town students at the usual stops and bring them to school. This will eliminate crowding on the bus and allow for us to keep all students physically distanced.


Face Masks/Coverings

Face masks/covering – We are highly recommending that all adults, and students in middle and high school to have a face mask/covering for each of days they are on campus. We also recommend them for all 4K – 5th grade students. Middle and high school students will be traveling in the hallway more often, therefore, they will need one for this purpose. Please start gathering a face mask/covering that is comfortable for your child. There are many options – elastic ear loops, tie back, neck gator, bandana type. An effective face mask is one that prevents you from blowing out a candle when worn. Please consider having more than one mask for each child as they need to be washed daily. We are recommending that all students who ride the bus wear a face mask/covering while on the bus.

Health Checklist

Below is a list of expectations we will have for each student and parent before sending students to school each day.

Temperature – Staff and students will be asked to check their temperature daily before leaving for school. Anyone who has, or who has had, a temperature in the past 72 hours equal to or greater than 100.4 should NOT go to school that day. Anyone who does have a temp equal to or greater than 100.4 will be required to stay home for 72 hours (3 days) after the temperature returns to normal without the use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen. This also pertains to all school activities/sports/music events at Highland Schools in the evening and on weekends.

Daily morning health question checklist for both staff and students:

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms
~Fever equal to or greater than 100.4
~sore throat
~new or worsening cough
~muscle aches/pain
~loss of smell and/or taste
~new or worsening shortness of breath
~GI symptoms (nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea)

If you answer yes to any of these symptoms, you should not attend school or any activities.
Also, please consult your MD if you or your child are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Medically fragile conditions – If a staff member or a student has a medical concern/immune compromised health condition, please consult your family doctor before attending school. Also, please consult Mr. Tarrell for alternative learning options.

Lunch Program

Lunches will be provided for every student. We will have students physically distanced while in the lunchroom. More details to follow.....

Extra-curricular Activities

At this point, the WIAA has not determined if our fall sporting events will occur. We have been able, starting July 1st, to allow students in limited numbers to enter the building to train.


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