Reporting concerns about students
Please do not report emergencies through this form. If this is an emergency situation please contact 911.

In an effort to provide early intervention to students who may find themselves at risk academically or personally, the Supervisor of the Learning, Advising & Beyond Office and the Residence Supervisor follow up to provide support to students in need or connect them with other services on campus. The centralized location of reporting from Staff and Faculty allows for the team to connect patterns of concern.

The EAS Team is not a disciplinary body, nor does it deal with imminent danger or emergencies. The University has systems in place for dealing with disciplinary matters (e.g. The Code of Student Behaviour, Residence Community Standards, Residence Agreement, Athlete Code of Conduct), and for dealing with cases of imminent danger (e.g. The Protocol for Urgent Cases of Disruptive, Threatening or Violent Conduct and the Emergency Management Plan, Residence Agreement). The EAS Team may refer cases to the Protocol via the University of Alberta Protective Services Officer.

This is an anonymous tool, we are unable to follow up with those that report. Another way to share concerns is via

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