World Internships Survey 2016
By filling out this survey you will help interns' organizations across the world to support better internship conditions.

This questionnaire will take approximately 8 minutes. Your responses will be strictly confidential and we do not collect any identifying information.

Thank you for your support and time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Fair Internship Initiative at For general information please visit:

General information about your internship
1.1 Are you a current or former intern?
1.2 How many full-time internships have you done so far?
0 full-time Internship
8 or more internships
1.2a How many of these full-time internships were paid?
8 or more internships
1.3 Where is/was your (most recent) internship based?
1.3a If other, please specify.
Your answer
1.4 In which organization (or delegation) is/was your (most recent) internship?
1.4a Please specify the organization if it is not listed above.
Your answer
1.5 What is/was the duration (in months) of your (most recent) internship?
(1 month or less)
(10 months or more)
1.6 How did you get your (most recent) internship?
1.7 How did you hear about your (most recent) internship opportunity?
1.8 Is/was your internship agreement ...
1.9 Does your internship agreement provide ... (can select multiple choices)
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