Copernicus for geohazard risk reduction
This questionnaire aims to analyse the use of Copernicus products and services among geohazard risk reduction stakeholders in the Atlantic Area. The Platform for Atlantic Geohazard Risk Management (AGEO) is a new project co-financed under the Interreg Programme for the Atlantic Area, which aims to launch several Citizens’ Observatory pilots on geohazards according to regional priorities. These will demonstrate how citizens’ involvement in geohazard risks prevention can strengthen regional and national risk management systems.
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General Information
1. Do you know Copernicus or other Earth Observing System?
2. Please, classify your knowledge about Copernicus
3. Have you ever been training about Copernicus programme?
4. Have your group ever demanded data from Copernicus?
5. In case you ever demanded data from Copernicus please, select the priority usage of it.
6. How can you evaluate your interaction with Copernicus services?
7. Which is the framework of your cooperation with Copernicus services?
8. Do you have a specific group responsible for interplay with Copernicus services?
9. Please, select in order of frequency (1 is the lowest and 4 is the highest) the types of geohazards your group support in collaboration with public and private administrations
Volcanic Activity
Flash Flood
Mass Movement
Tools for geohazards
10. Does your group participate in the development and implementation of any tool in the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS)?
11. In case of yes, please select which type of tool.
12. How do you consider the user interphace of these tools?
13. How do you consider the usefulness of these tools?
14. The interpretation of the results from Copernicus EMS is
15. Is there any product or service that you consider necessary and it is not included in Copernicus EMS?
Service Information
16. Regarding Copernicus EMS information products, do you want to
17. How would you like Copernicus EMS service information be made available ?
18. Which tool do you think could be incorporated into Copernicus EMS to improve your work?
19. How would you like to be able to download Copernicus EMS information?
20. For what purpose would you like to use Copernicus EMS products and services?
Copernicus Data Policy
21. Have your group been able to download data from Copernicus EMS?
22. In case the data could not be downloaded, please indicate what type of restrictions were found.
23. Do you think the information provided by Copernicus EMS is useful for an emergency plan?
24. How would you rate your experience with Copernicus EMS in general?
25. Do you have any suggestion to make in regards to this questionnaire?
Future contact
26. Would you like to be contacted to refine your needs regarding the access to dissemination and exploitation of Copernicus EMS products and services?
Data Protection Law *
We informed that personal data collected in this form will be incorporated into a file whose head is the Spanish Geological Survey. The purpose of collecting and processing personal data is enable the communication between IGME and the survey respondents.

In any case, users have the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and limitation or opposition in their treatment. Data communication. In no case will this data be transferred to third parties.
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