Jimmy Strain 4th - 'JIMMY STRAIN' Vinyl(LP)
Hello there! This is ordering form for Vinyl version of 'JIMMY STRAIN'
Are you ready for 6x vinyl records of 61 tracks which is 4-hour long? oh, and the SUPER COOL booklet?
Well, you better be ready for it! :)

0. This product is limited to only 314 copies, if there's no stock left your purchase will be fully refunded.

1. Worldwide FREE shipping, we use EMS for most countries.
※ We will give you tracking number, make sure you put the correct email address for this.

2. You can also order this from following websites:
*Since some stocks on above websites are pre-packed/delivered for immediate purchases, you may not get the personal letter from Jimmy.

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Send your total via Paypal: producereimo@gmail.com
example; if you order 1 copy of 'JIMMY STRAIN (LP)' then, send $98.00 payable to producereimo@gmail.com

<Contact for Any Questions>
email : jimmystrainishere@gmail.com

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