Mid-Buchanan JH/HS Bullying Report Form
In order to promote a safe learning environment for all students, the Mid-Buchanan R-V School District prohibits all forms of bullying.  The district also prohibits reprisal or retaliation against any person who reports an act of bullying among or against students.

In accordance with state law, bullying is defined as intimidation, unwanted aggressive behavior, or harassment that is repetitive or is substantially likely to be repeated and causes a reasonable student to fear for his or her physical safety or property; that substantially interferes with the educational performance, opportunities or benefits of any student without exception; or that substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the school. Bullying includes, but is not limited to: physical actions, including violence, gestures, theft, or property damage; oral, written, or electronic communication, including name-calling, put-downs, extortion, or threats; or threats of reprisal or retaliation for reporting such acts.

Cyberbullying – A form of bullying committed by transmission of a communication including, but not limited to, a message, text, sound or image by means of an electronic device including, but not limited to, a telephone, wireless telephone or other wireless communication device, computer or pager. The district has jurisdiction over cyberbullying that uses the district's technology resources or that originates on district property, at a district activity or on district transportation. Even when cyberbullying does not involve district property, activities or technology resources, the district will impose consequences and discipline for those who engage in cyberbullying if there is a sufficient nexus to the educational environment, the behavior materially and substantially disrupts the educational environment, the communication involves a threat as defined by law, or the district is otherwise allowed by law to address the behavior.

The complete policy regarding bullying can be found at https://simbli.eboardsolutions.com/ePolicy/policy.aspx?PC=JFCF&Sch=44&S=44&C=J&RevNo=1.21&T=A&Z=P&St=ADOPTED&PG=6&SN=true 
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