JEDI Initiatives: Survey of Teachable Moments and Attitudes
The PNTS Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) working group is in the process of planning a workshop series on JEDI Principles, Best Practices & Development for the PNTS 2020 Virtual Fall Workshop ( In order to assess the landscape of JEDI influence and movement among our National Trails System, we are asking you to participate in completing this form so that we can gather lessons learned and determine key discussion topics for the JEDI workshop series. ***Please complete this form by Friday, September 25th. Thank you in advance for your participation and insight.
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1. Please share any teachable moments and learning experiences you and/or your organization has encountered related to JEDI issues and practices. By sharing your story, you will be providing insight to the PNTS community as we are collectively learning what actions/mistakes to avoid in order to effectively and authentically advance JEDI work for the Partnership and within our individual trail organizations (help us to not step in the poop!). Also, if you have "stepped in the poop", this is an opportunity for us to learn how to get out of it or get unstuck together. For example: A person of color was invited to join your leadership committee and left shortly after perhaps due to lack of inclusion or engagement.
2. Would you be willing to share this story during the virtual workshop as a panelist speaker? If you choose other, please describe circumstances.
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3. If you answered yes for Question 2, please provide us with your name and e-mail address (skip this if you would prefer to remain anonymous).  
4. Please indicate what type of organization you are affiliated with.
5. In your current role at your organization, what work are you doing to advance a more inclusive work environment and/or user & visitor experience?
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