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Membership Declaration & Data Protection
Membership Declaration:

By signing this declaration and submitting your application for membership you agree to the following:

- Active commitment to the vision of FAN set out in BFI2022, with a shared ambition to extend film choice, increase and broaden film audiences, and enhance opportunities for audiences to engage with and learn about film.

- Participation in Hub activity with an open, professional and sharing approach.

- Keeping regular and open lines of communication with the Film Hub Lead Organisation and other FAN members, discussing opportunities and concerns relating to the Hub as they arise.

- Complying with statutory or voluntary laws, rules, regulations and guidelines applicable to the exhibition of film to public and membership-only audiences.

- Acknowledging and promoting the support of the National Lottery in relation to FAN activity.

- Allowing Film Hub Wales to use details of your screening activity supplied in the application to provide the BFI with updates on the size and make-up of our membership.

Data Protection:

The information you supply may be held on computer. It may be used to process awards and to prepare statistics.
We may also be obligated to share information under the freedom of information act.

We will always treat your personal details with care. All personal data that you choose to provide us with will be held securely and only ever used with your full permission. We will only ever get in touch in the ways that you wish, and we will make sure that everything we send to you is relevant to our programme, events, products, services and ways you can support us.To read our full privacy statement, visit

Make sure you’re in control of your information, and that you can ask us to stop using it whenever you like. If you have any questions, would like to change your preferences or opt out of communications, just call 02920 311067 or email

Upon joining the Hub you will be added automatically to our newsletter and BFI box office report mailing list. In addition, from time to time Film Hub Wales would like to use the contact details you have supplied in the membership application (email, postal address and telephone number) to contact you about, or connect you to the following:

- Hub activities of relevance, including funding, training and networking opportunities;
- Other news items, reports and publications of interest to film exhibitors;
- Opportunities to take part in research to help FAN understand performance against its objectives or to learn more about the support needs of film exhibitors.

Do you agree that we can use your contact details for the purpose set out above?
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Application checklist
The terms of membership will run from the effective date of this agreement. Either organisation may terminate membership upon thirty (30) days written notice without penalties or liabilities. The signing of this application is not a formal undertaking. It implies that the signatories will strive to reach, to the best of their ability, the objectives stated above. On behalf of the organisation I represent, I wish to sign this membership application and contribute to the further development of Film Hub Wales.
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