Blogist: Potential New Client Survey
Hi - Hope you are doing well and thanks so much for reaching out to Blogist. We can’t wait to have you as a member of our community. To ensure you have the best experience with Blogist, and you are paired with the best offering for your needs, please fill out this survey.

The survey will prompt you to enter a series of questions so we can best assess the kind of plan that would best suit your needs

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Are you securing most of your brand deals from the brand reaching out to you directly via email or DM?
Are you securing most of your brand deals from influencer platforms? Ex; Activate, InfluencerIQ, Aspire…
How many brand deals are you securing each month?
What are you averaging in dollars per brand deal?
How much time do you spend storyboarding potential brand collaborations and pitching brands each month?
Scale of 1-10 how organized are you with your weekly/monthly content calendar and planning post ahead of schedule? Are you using Google Calendar, Pen and Paper, Agenda/Calendar?
Have you ever paid for followers?
What do your IG story impressions range from?
What do you need help with most from Blogist?
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