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This is a preliminary booking only, you are not committed to going ahead with the service until we have contacted you, agreed a suitable appointment and you have responded to confirm the booking.

You do not need to be home for the gutter clearing to take place but the operator must have access around the property.

Payment can be made either directly to the operator, by sending a cheque in the post or via online banking.

This service is for clearing the gutters with our vacuum system, not cleaning the outside of them. We do clean gutters and other upvc but this would require a quote on site.

Our standard rate for gutter clearing is £3.75 per metre. Heavily blocked areas will be at a higher rate of £5.25 (this is because of the extra time that we would need to spend). However these are very unusual, properties that have been left in disrepair for quite some time.

We do not price per job or give estimates, the aforementioned costs are fixed. You may estimate from taking your own measurements if you like. Our Operator will invoice based upon the exact measurements after completion of the work.

We do not have a call out fee. However, we have a minimum charge of £37.50, so wherever possible it makes sense to have at least 10 metres cleared.

20% will be deducted from the above prices provided you make your booking here.
This offer is for residential/commercial/existing and new customers.

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