Hayashi Eitetsu Workshop Registration

This is a workshop by Hayashi Eitetsu and his ensemble EITETSU Fu-Un no Kai members, Tashiro Makoto, Tsuji Tasuku, and Joe Small. This form will go live on August 9th at Midnight.. Any and all registration will be decided based on first come first serve basis. Details are at http://www.mashiko.us/event.html

Each workshop is priced as the following:
Soh Daiko Thursday: $30
Soh Daiko Saturday: $50
Aiko Kai first session: $30
Aiko Kai two sessions*: $50
Kaoru Watanabe Taiko Center: $30
Kyodaiko: Please consult http://kyodaiko.com/classes/
*Aiko Kai will have a bundle deal for those who choose to both workshops offered on Sunday, September 1st. Participants may choose either the morning session or both the morning session and the afternoon session as the Beta Fundamentals will be considered a prerequisite for the Repertoire Piece.

All payment is due before the workshop begins. This can be paid via venmo, paypal, or cash. Details will be sent out in the confirmation email.

The safety waiver will be sent out in the confirmation email after registration is submitted.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring water, and bachi. Please arrive 30 minutes before the workshop begins to take care of waivers and logistics.

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I understand that the waiver and payment will be due at the beginning of each workshop and I will arrive 30 minutes prior to the above mentioned time to make sure this is completed. *
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