LSPD application for High Stakes Lion's RP
In this form, you're applying for cadet position within LSPD on High Stakes Lion's RP.

Please, take care with answers, there are no wrong ones, but depending on your perception and personality, we may approach you better. Communication is the key. Let us to know you better and we're gonna do the same.

We're gonna reply to every application within 24 hours from submitting.

What you we expect from You:

- Professionality
- Dedication while on duty
- At least 7 hours a week on duty
- Understanding of and respect towards chain of command
- Ability to show up on at least 1 regular training per month, after initial training procedure
- No violent crimes when off duty (banks, killing etc.)

What you can expect from us:

- Professionality
- Dedication while on duty
- Friendly and fair approach
- Above standard salary (+ growth)
- More interesting responsibilities within the department upon mutual agreement
- Wide selection of LSPD cruisers
- New LSPD updates

and over time, possibility of you to become a server staff member (rare, but possible)

Why do you want to become LSPD member on our server? Give a detailed explanation, a few sentences. *
What makes you a better applicant than others? *
Tell me about yourself give a detailed explanation. *
Are you a leader *
If so tell about how you would lead in a situation or how you have lead a situation. *
Do you have some previous experience from FiveM or other similar game? *
We take LSPD seriously here, do you? *
Do you have a working microphone? *
Are you able provide a video footage when asked for? *
Are you going to be able to get about 7 hours on duty every week? *
We require recruits to have at least 24 IRL hours played on our server prior to applying. You can check this yourself while in game by using command "/ot" . Your training officer will check this, if it's gonna be under 24 hours, your progress is gonna be denied. Have you played for 24 actual hours on the server? *
When considering different time zones, which part of the world you play from? *
We need your Discord identifier in order to contact you *
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