Moving-Up Mentoring Opportunity (Part 1)

The National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program encourages colleges that received funding in the Small Grants for Institutions New to ATE category to apply for grants in the ATE Project category. Such “moving-up” proposals may advance the work of the previous project or pursue new goals for improving STEM technician education.

ATE Project proposals are typically more comprehensive and have larger budgets than proposals in the Small Grants for Institutions New to ATE category. The ATE Project proposals also face greater competition for funding.


 Applications must be submitted by April 1 for proposals due in October.

 The New-to-ATE project must have been completed within two years of this application, or have an expected completion date within six months of the application.

 Mentor-Connect encourages, but does not require, the ATE Project proposal to:

 build on the accomplishments of the New-to-ATE Project

 include as senior personnel one or more individuals who implemented the New-to-ATE project

Those who receive mentoring services will be expected to participate in the evaluation of this activity by providing Mentor-Connect with copies of the new proposal, ATE panel reviews, and by participating in surveys and/or individual interviews. Mentoring for Moving-Up will consist of approximately twenty hours of support from a mentor.

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