Fairview Park Schools Website Survey
As the FPCS begins initial planning for a website redesign, we would like to hear what you have to say. Please provide your honest opinion to help us plan a better experience for users of our website.
What is your relationship with the Fairview Park City Schools?
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What FPCS building do you most closely associate yourself with?
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For statistical purposes, how old are you?
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How often do you visit the website at www.fairviewparkcityschools.org?
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When visiting our website at fairviewparkschools.org, how would you rate your experience?
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What are you looking for when you visit the Fairview Park City Schools website?
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Have you ever used our website but were unable to find what you were looking for?
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If yes - what were you looking for?
What do you like most about our website at fairviewparkschools.org?
What is your #1 complaint about our website?
In your opinion, what changes should we consider in a newly designed website?
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