Expression of Interest: Engage in the Youth Rep 2018 Report-Back
So: you'd like to help deliver the findings of Australia's largest youth-run consultation of young people. Great to hear! We're so excited to share this year's Report with policymakers everywhere.
Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon about a meeting between you and a relevant politician. Don't worry -- you'll be given plenty of guidance before the meeting on how to use it effectively.
The Report will launch in early December, and meetings could occur anytime between then and the end of the year. We'll check your availability after we've checked that of a relevant leader.
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We might use this to pair you with a relevant politician. For example, if you express an interest in talking about education, we might pair you with your state's Minister for Education. If you don't have interest in speaking about a particular topic, leave this blank!
We're personally meeting with federal politicians at Parliament House in December. So, we'd love it if you could provide the name of your STATE OR TERRITORY electorate in case we'd like you to meet with your local representative. Note that this differs from your federal electorate. If you're not sure of your state or territory electorate, try googling 'find my electorate [your state or territory]', for example 'find my electorate New South Wales'. If you're still not sure, give us some information about your location and we'll try to find it for you!
What experience do you have that might be relevant to meeting with a politician to discuss the Youth Rep Report?
If you've been a delegate or facilitator with UN Youth before, let us know how. If you don't have any relevant experience, that's okay! We're just trying to understand how to work with you.
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