Evil Cubes Submission Form
Have you found a cube that's particularly tricky? Do you think it might belong in a set of Evil Cubes? Let HQ know! If we use your cube in a set, you'll receive 2000 points and the Games Maker badge after the set is taken down.

Please note that you must be a Scout or higher to submit Evil Cubes, so that you can view your cube's current consensus in Inspect Mode. However, because Evil Cubes are traced as in standard gameplay, please try to make sure that your cube can be correctly traced that way without *requiring* Inspect Mode or cell overview. For example, cubes with seed mergers are automatically ineligible, and we may reject cubes with wall traces that rely on neighboring cubes.

Thanks for your help! Evil Cubes can be a great training tool for your fellow players, and they're easiest to collect when we have as many searching eyes as possible.
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