DRA Basket Auction Donation Form
This form allows people and chapters to register their donations for the auction for the 2018 Annual meeting. Please note that we are looking for items that are new or gently used/like new. We encourage people to include items they have made that fit one of our themes.
Which basket do you believe your item would go well in? Note that the committee reserves the right to assign your donation to another basket if we feel it fits better and/or we need to even out the contents of the baskets.
Item - describe the item you are donating. Please also e-mail a photo of the item to elizabeth.fox@sdstate.edu.
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Item value (approximate)
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Other information (e.g. if you solicited this item from a business, let us know who donated it).
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Please e-mail a photo of the item to elizabeth.fox@sdstate.edu within 48 hours of submitting an item to the form. If a photo is not available, please let Elizabeth know at the above e-mail.
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