Formative Evaluation of the e-Potato Curriculum by Instructors: Lesson 4

The e-Potato curriculum is a new online/interactive curriculum that utilizes a variety of technology formats. We are interested in your feedback on this program and would greatly appreciate your completing this survey. Your suggestions will help us improve the program.
Instructions: Please complete the following formative evaluation survey which covers lesson four of the e-Potato curriculum.
    1. Rate the background information and lecture notes contained in the Instructor’s notes. 
    2. Rate the instructions on how to navigate through the lessons.
    3. Rate the instructor led portion of the lesson.
    4. Rate the students’ ability to navigate through the lessons.
    5. Rate the MyPlate information
    6. Rate the MyPlate activity
    7. Rate the potato serving size information
    8. Rate the potato salad serving size activity
    9. Rate the French fry serving size activity
    10. Rate the Rate MyPlate information (5 star meals)
    11. Rate the cooking and recipe video clips
    12. Rate the caterpillar potato activity
    13. Rate the crash potato activity
    14. Rate the Career connection video clips
    15. Rate the length of the lesson
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