The Hukilau 2018 Volunteer Questionnaire
The Hukilau could not happen each and every year without our volunteers and we realize that you are dedicating your vacation hours and days in order to help our event succeed. All volunteers will receive a pass based on how many hours that you dedicate to the event. Ultimately, we want everyone to enjoy their experience!!!

If you are assigned a shift, please understand we are counting on you! If for any reason you cannot make it to the event we would appreciate as much notice as possible so that we can fill the shift. Every person counts in the grand scheme of things!

Attending an orientation sessions is Mandatory. We are currently working on scheduling these and will be in touch with any volunteers who sign up about the schedule once it is established. So please keep in this in mind!

Your First Name *
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Your Last Name *
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Do you have a Nickname/Tiki Name?
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Cell Number - give us a number you'll be bringing to the event *
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Preferred Email *
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Have you volunteered for The Hukilau in the past? *
If previously volunteered - what did you do and when?
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Are you Local to Ft. Lauderdale? *
If you are local, are you interested in pre/post event work?
If Not local, when do you expect to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale?
Are you familiar with how to operate Apple Products (iPhone, iPad)? We use apps within these devices in order to check in and check out our guests.
We want to make sure you're familiar enough with Apple Products to be able to navigate through the apps we use.
Do you have tiki bartending experience?
If yes, are you interested in volunteering with The Hukilau bar team?
Your information will be passed on and our Bar Team will get in touch with you to see if your skill set is applicable to the tasks available
What kind of volunteer shift are you interested in? *
Please select UP TO THREE
What timeframe interests you most? *
Do you have a friend/spouse/significant other that wants to share your shift? (Please include their name & email)
If yes - please include their name and email. If no - please leave blank
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Will you have a car during The Hukilau?
Any other things you'd like to let us know? Special Skills? Areas of Expertise?
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