Educational Subscription Agreement
This agreement (the “Agreement”) governs all use of Trimble Connect Educational subscriptions by eligible educational institutions (“Institutions”).

1. All usage of Trimble Connect educational subscriptions are subject to the then-current Trimble Connect Terms of Service, currently available at:
2. Trimble Connect Educational subscriptions are available without charge.
3. Educational subscriptions may only be used by the Institution’s qualified instructors and enrolled students solely for classwork, classroom teaching purposes, and/or non-commercial academic research purposes. Educational subscriptions may not be used for any non-educational purpose, including, without limitation, commercial, professional, for-profit purposes. For example, but not as a limitation, individuals who are employed as professional staff by the Institution (e.g., facilities management team, etc.) may not use EDU subscriptions in that capacity.
4. The Institution is responsible for ensuring compliance by any and all users with the requirements of this Agreement, including, without limitations, the Terms of Service.
5. The term of the Agreement is one (1) year from date of application (the “Term”), and shall automatically renew for additional one-year Terms until terminated. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time upon 30 days written notice to the other party.

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Subscriptions are assigned individually to named users, and can be reassigned by the administrator to a different user at any time. You should request a number of subscriptions equal to the total number of students and/or instructors who will be active users during the Term of this Agreement.
Account Administrator
The Account Administrator shall be a member of faculty or professional staff of the institution, with the authority to enter into this licensing agreement on behalf of the institution.
Name *
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By clicking "Submit" you agree that you are the person named in the above Account Administrator section, are authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the named institution, consent to be contacted by Trimble about this Agreement and related subscriptions, and to abide by the terms and conditions hereof, including the Terms of Service. This Agreement will be effective when Trimble provides the requested subscriptions. Trimble reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any Agreement.
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