Props Summer 2019
Welcome to FML Props!

The Rules:
* You have a budget of $150.
* You MUST spend at least $10 on every prop (in other words, all bets must be between $10 and $50).
* You MUST make sure not to spend more than $150 or your entry will be invalid (form does not do math for you).
* You must spend all $150 - money left unspent will be allocated at game host's discretion.
* The Player with the most money at the end of the week wins the week! Season totals will be kept as well.
* How to read odds:

Email address *
User URL *
Example: This can be found on desktop by going to Leagues > The FML League and then clicking on your "@" name, i.e. "@GUYETT." The resulting URL is what goes here. If on mobile, type "" followed by your username. **Responses not submitted in this format will not be accepted. **
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Prop 1: Long Live The King *
By how much does Lion King beat Beauty and the Beast's opening weekend of $174,750,616
Prop 1: amount *
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Prop 2: King BSW's Royal Decree *
BSW is a big fan of Mickey's Law and D.D.I.E., does a Disney holdover get BP?
Prop 2: amount *
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Prop 3: The Art of Staying Relevant *
What is The Art of Self-Defense's PTA drop?
Prop 3: amount *
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Prop 4: Everything the light touches *
Which Lion King day anchors the Perfect Cinema (Screen 1)
Prop 4: amount *
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Prop 5: A Graveyard Is No Place For A Young Prince *
What order will Crawl, Annabelle and Midsommar be in in terms of value (e.g. Crawl value is 139,535 if it makes exactly $6m)
Prop 5: amount *
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Prop 6: Be Prepared.... to wait hours for the next update! *
How will Anthony forecast The Lion King with the Friday afternoon update?
Prop 6: amount *
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Prop 7: #WhateverItTakes *Trigger warning* *
How far off will Sunday's Pro Box Office weekend estimate be for Avengers: Endgame?
Prop 7: amount *
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Parlay? (not required...but if you only check one box, answers will be disregarded)
Not sure what a parlay is? Go here: 2 Prop Parlay: 13 to 5 --- 3 Prop Parlay: 6 to 1 --- 4 Prop Parlay: 13 to 1
Parlay Bet Amount (not required)
If an appropriate number of checkboxes are selected above and an appropriate wager is placed below, the amount wagered will supersede the amounts wagered on the individual props selected. For example, if you enter $10 for Prop 2, $10 for Prop 3, and $20 for Prop 4, yet select those props in the checkboxes above, those wagers will be wiped and the amount of the parlay will be the amount you enter below. The parlay bet must be between $10-50.
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