Engine Failure Anonymous Tip Box
Welcome to the Engine Failure anonymous tip box! The only person who sees these responses is me, EF creator Lily Herman.

If you want to send something more directly to me that doesn't require anonymity, my email is lily@lilyherman.com.

What the tip box is for:
- Interesting F1 fodder or theories you may have found on the internet or on social media but don't feel comfortable just emailing to me for whatever reason. (You can ask questions too!)
- F1 insider tips or info that you want to send but (again) don't feel comfortable just emailing to me.
- Driver, team principal, WAG, or other Important F1 People™ sightings. (I won't publish 99% of these and am mostly looking for patterns, but you're free to submit 'em.)

What the tip box is NOT for:
- A space to needlessly bash drivers. I'll just delete those submissions and never think about them ever again, so save that for Twitter.
- Press releases or pitches for things that you could easily send to me via email.
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