Healing Wise Group Application
This application process is here to ensure that folks are a good fit. We'll be sharing some very personal stuff in this group. Healing is often messy, especially when we're releasing big emotions. And that's ok :) it just means we'll take special care with the container and that means personal connection.

Here are a few questions to start the conversation...


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What is your name? *
feel free to use a nickname to maintain anonymity (though I will need to match it to payment at some point)
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What does self care mean to you?
And what does it mean for you? (ie. what benefit does it bring you?) ... more personal than theoretical pls :)
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What do you currently do for self care and healing?
is it herbs, massages, talking with friends, camping, smoking pot, sex? no judgements, just curiosity :)
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How many people do you have in your life that you can literally talk to anything about?
How about friends that you spend time processing your emotions? How often to you get to deeply share with them?
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If you could have all the support you wanted for your healing and self care, what would you include?
What might a week in your schedule look like that included all your self care activities?
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What obstacles get in the way of you doing your self care or pursuing the healing you'd like?
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What do you need that would make it possible to have all the self care you need?
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Please tell me about your experience(s) with unconditional listening and holding space for people?
How do you most like to support people?
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Please tell me about how you connect with nature? and what you get from it?
is it a beautiful sunset, a gorgeous flower, bird song, or walking on the beach or in the woods?
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What would you most like to get out of this group and all this healing/support?
How do you see it benefiting you, your health, your relationships and/or your life?
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Anything else to add?
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Which of the Wednesday group calls fits best for you? *
Please give me 3 times in the next week when you're available to connect in person. *
I'll try to make 1 of them work for me :) and i'll email you within 2 business days of getting this to confirm.
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