"Salieri-Zinetti" International Chamber Music Competition 2018 - Registration Form
To be filled in and sent by 4th JUNE, 2018.

Please note:
• In sections from 2 to 7 enter the personal details of each ensemble members (please fill in only the sections you need).
• In sections from 8 to 12 enter the title, movements and duration of the recorded performances to be sent separately, see article 7 of the Competition Rules (please fill in the necessary sections).
• In section 13 please indicate the total duration of all the recorded performances (around 30 minutes, as in Rules, article 4).
• You can use section 14 if you want to add a note for the Competition Secretariat.

For more information, please check the Competition Rules:
or write to: info@salieri-zinetticompetition.eu

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I certify that this ensemble meets all eligibility and entry requirements. I affirm that each ensemble member is aware of, and will abide by all competition rules. Each member is informed of, and accepts all responsibilities implied and stated with this entry into the competition *
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