MassCUE CUEClip Challenge
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Contest Rules:
1. Video entries must be around 1 minute.
2. Must have all students involved with appropriate media release in your school or district
3. “MassCUE” must be spoken in the video and included in the title as well as @masscue and #MassCUECueClip.
4. Begin with: “My name is / Our names are … “ “…and this is my CUE Clip:”
5. Each eligible entry will be scored based on the following criteria with 100 total points available for each entry.
6. Standards referenced in video.
7. Must be located in New England
Scoring Rubric:
40 points - Highlights a use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
30 points - Was the video inspiring to other educators/students?
20 points - Quality of the video. Was it easy to hear and understand? Good lighting?
10 points - Standards referenced
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