2021 EWF Workshop Application
Workshops may include: singing, tarot, crafts, yoga, writing, dance, drumming, rituals, magic, herbalism or plant ID, dream work, rituals, ancestor work, family and/or children-focused activities, jokes/ stories/ histories etc. Elderflower may reimburse leaders for craft or other supplies they send in advance to attendees. Workshops are generally 75 to 105 minutes. More information about Workshops at Elderflower can be found on the Rituals & Workshops page at https://www.elderflowerwomenspirit.org/rituals-workshops.
***Please use the same email address you used to when you filled in your Registration.***
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I have or need a session assistant for what I'd like to lead. Your assistant will also need to register for the festival.
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I have the following time restrictions for conducting my workshop. These are particular workshops, usually offered at camp, or other outside timing restricitons that I do not want to conflict with:
Time/ Day preference for workshop/ session/ etc. The festival ends at noon Sunday, so some of these choices are not available.
Any time is okay
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Location? These are break-out rooms with the same names as the locations at camp.
Restrictions: Do you have any? such as limit number of participants, level of experience required, etc. Be specific
Experience Level (rate the level of experience appropriate for participants on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is little or no previous experience and 5 is advanced or expert knowledge expected.
little to no previous experience
advanced or expert knowledge
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Intensity: Rate the intensity level of this workshop on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is relaxed, loose, not serious and 5 is physically, mentally or emotionally challenging, demanding or intense.
relaxed, loose, not serious
physically, mentally or emotionally challenging, demanding or intense
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I have something else in mind and will coordinate with the planning committee by emailing elderflowerfest@gmail.com
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