2018 Be AMYazing! Reston Youth Triathlon Chairperson Application
If you would like to be a chairperson, please fill out the following application. We have 1 open spots for a chair position, and 7 open spots to shadow a chair person. If you are a shadow, you will shadow a senior and take their place next year when they graduate.

We have the following positions open:

PRE-RACE - responsible for contacting neighborhoods around school with race day information by email and distributing flyers, putting up "No-parking" signs the week before race, and putting out flyers on cars in parking lot at South Lakes warning about no parking the weekend of the race. All flyers are emails have already been created, so they would just need to be updated.

RACE DIRECTOR - Manage the overall coordination of the race. Run committee meetings and work with other Chairs to ensure all details are covered. Race Directors typically work with on the Sponsorship Committee.

VOLUNTEERS - Recruit, assign and manage volunteers for the race. Update the volunteer sign-up database, advertise for volunteers through multiple channels, coordinate required forms, and help assign volunteers.

WEBMASTER: responsible for updating the website with pictures, registration links, dates, announcements, sponsors, and waivers.

PHOTOGRAPHY- responsible for taking pictures of the event and coordinating other photographers to assist in taking pictures. Would then need to upload the pictures to the website, working with the webmaster.

SWIM - responsible for organizing the swim portion of the race. This includes seeding the racers, organizing time trials, etc.

TRANSITION AREAS- responsible for organizing the section of the race where racers transition from swim to bike or bike to run.

MEDIA - responsible for maintaining social media accounts and working with local media for publicity.

SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE - responsible for working with local businesses to obtain sponsors and raffle prizes.

If you have any questions, please email info@restonyouthtri.org

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