After payment - Information for Camp Parents
(Makutu's Island is not a licensed childcare facility under section 36-882)

Some of our camps will include painting, food, and experiments. Please send an extra large t-shirt so that we do not mess up any special clothing.

Please send a water bottle with your child’s name as well as a backpack for the items that they may take home with them.

You can go to our online store ( to purchase lunch, extended care or any optional services. These can also be added at Makutu's Island or over the phone.

Extended Care available for all camps at an additional charge from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Weekly $75, Daily $25, Hourly $10 -

Lunch packages are available for $6.50+tax or you can send lunch and snacks for you child.

Your child will spend their break time on the island playing and you may consider pre-purchasing arcade game cards

Note that in case of injury or sudden illness, the contact person mentioned in the form is to be contacted first. Depending upon the severity of the situation, 911 may be called. By filling the form, you hereby give authority to any hospital, doctor, or EMT to render immediate aid as may be required at the time for my child’s health and safety. We need you to accept financial responsibility for the action.
Where did you pay for the camp at? (at Makutu's, on or which website? If you have not yet paid for the camps, please go to or call us at 480-344-3740 first and complete the payment)
Order number (s), if you have one or we can pull up by the name of the purchaser
Which camp did you sign up for? (if undecided, leave blank)
Name of the parent *
Number of children enrolled in the camp
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Child 3 - Name
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Approx Starting Date
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