Fall 2020 Collective Success Network STEM Pilot: Application for Sponsored Membership in NY Academy of Sciences
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Pilot Description
Thank you for your interest in joining the Collective Success Network (CSN) STEM Pilot and sponsored Student Mentorship in the NY Academy of Sciences (NYAS).

Due to COVID19 and concerns about health and safety, all aspects of this STEM Pilot will be virtual.

The purpose of the CSN STEM Pilot is to provide additional career awareness, skill building and mentoring for college students pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or math. Selected students will receive a CSN-sponsored one year membership in the NY Academy of Sciences and CSN will provide orientation with an overview of how to find and use resources and member benefits from NYAS.

The application process consists of completing this survey and a follow-up phone conversation (20 minutes). Upon selection into the program, you are expected to attend a MANDATORY virtual orientation session (1 hour). The Pilot will then require a commitment of 2 h each month, for a period of approximately 6 months, to cover both independent and group activities. Specifically, each student is expected to spend at least 1 h per month focused on lab, coursework or personal experiences in STEM (such as networking or using NYAS resources) and 1 h per month participating in a CSN STEM cohort meeting to debrief on those personal experiences, share learnings and/or discuss general STEM topics. As this is a pilot study, all CSN STEM cohort members will be asked to provide feedback on the value of NYAS membership and recommendations for future CSN STEM-focused programs.

Benefits of NYAS membership include:

1) Career readiness and soft skill training opportunities: Through NYAS webinars, workshops, and online courses, Members get free or discounted access to critical skills training. Topics range from effective grant-writing, to securing funding, communicating your research, and planning a successful career in STEM.

2) Cutting edge STEM content: Members enjoy free access to digital content featuring the latest multidisciplinary research presented at the Academy, including our archive of over 500 eBriefings, and Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. You’ll also receive free or significantly discounted registration to over 100 symposia, webinars and conferences annually. Recently, NYAS has also highlighted the latest in COVID-19 research and progress towards therapies and tests.

3) Networking and resume building opportunities: The Academy offers multiple opportunities for student/postdoc Members to present their research, expand their resumes through internships and mentoring activities, and interact with senior leaders across academia, industry and government. Graduate student Members are also eligible to apply for Science Alliance Leadership Training, a free 5-day intensive workshop that is a true career game-changer.

4) Member directory: Available exclusively to Academy Members, the Directory enables you to search for others in the World's Smartest Network®.

5) Professional mentoring: Need advice from an experienced professional? Student/Postdoc Members can request a personal mentor from the Academy’s global network of over 20,000 scientists and engineers.

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Thank you for completing the CSN STEM Pilot application! We look forward to meeting you at a Collective Success event.
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