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From 16 to 22 July 2018, Personages of Cardboardia gather at Kudykina Gora to open a laboratory for the researching the carnival traditions of Europe and Russia. What can be the basis of the customs of different cultures? How did the images of carnival heroes, familiar to everyone, arise? Why do they sooner or later unite all the peoples on Earth?

We are trying to find the answers to these questions and invite everyone, who is willing to help us in our research, at the on-site internship workshop "Made in Cardboardia".

The internship will take place in the natural park of wonders "Kudykina Gora", where on July 21 the festival "This is the carnival" would be held

For one day the park will turn into a united carnival space filled with music, parades, workshops, dance flash mobs, contests, theatrical productions and performances.

What we will research and exchange?
Aimed at bringing people together to create astonishing results from humble materials, Sergey Korsakov elected Tyran of Cardboardia together with Olesya Kandalintseva, Minister of Education of Cardboardia will lead two workshops to develop peoples’ skills and hidden talents:

Skill set for Module 1 - "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances"
- Basic model building skills
- Experience working with cardboard and paper
- Experience designing clothes

This module could be interesting for young designers and artists who want to create something fun for their portfolio and for those who want to build with cardboard.

Skill set for Module 1 - "Designing costumes and objects for interactive performances"
- Basic model building skills
- Experience working with cardboard and paper
- Experience designing clothes
Whether you want to explore your creativity – or want to join in and do something different - It is perfect for people who enjoy making things!

Skill set for Module 2 - "Street performance and communication with the public for beginners"
- Open for communication
- Ability to focus
- Stress management skills
- Ability to learn
This module would be interesting for young professional and amateur actors, stilt walkers, performing artists and producers, along with anyone who wants to become better at managing street performances and communicating with the public in the street.

More about Modules and curators:

Conditions for participation:

- Applicants will be selected based on their profiles, skills and enthusiasm entered below
- Workshops will take place daily, from dusk till dawn
- the workshops are open to participants over 18 years old;
- Street Performance Lab has the right to suspend a participant at any stage of the selection without explanation of cause;
- participants cover their own costs for transport, accommodation and meals during the program;
- The quantity of places is limited

Stages of applications:
- filling out the web form below;
- making task
- online interview;

We will do our best to reply to you within 5 days of application.

Please fill out the form below to start the application process:

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